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One of the first things I teach my journalism students is: the simplest way to add value online is to save the reader time. Simple concept, hard to execute. It takes editorial talent and a roving but discerning eye. Conor has that eye. His Best of Journalism newsletter will save you time. That’s how I use it. And that’s why you should too.

Jay Rosen

The web’s awash in long-form reporting, but picking out the few great pieces takes a discerning eye. For me, Friedersdorf is that eye.

Clay Shirky

Like a great mixtape of nonfiction writing, nicely balanced between hits and fascinating obscurities.

Charles Homans

Conor is a natural editor. He has made my life so much easier by, in effect, becoming my personal curator of articles I have to read. He somehow finds those stories which are guaranteed to broaden my knowledge, deepen my understanding, or provide a completely new way of looking at a problem.

Wick Allison